Hurricane Irma – Note to Current Frontline Customers

With Hurricane Irma approaching, we wanted to reach out to our customers with information about our ability to clear debris after a hurricane or tropical storm. When a major storm threatens our area we begin our preparations. Among other things we empty our dump trucks, schedule on call personnel, make sure our chainsaws, as well as other debris clearing equipment are in top condition, so we can respond to our customers post storm needs in a timely manner.

In the event that a major storm comes through our area, and you need assistance in clearing limbs, trees or landscape debris, please do the following:

  • If you need emergency assistance (a limb or tree is blocking your driveway or one of your limbs or trees is obstructing a roadway) please call (941) 549-9641. Someone will be available at that number to take your call and service will be in the order that calls are received.
  • If the storm creates a large volume of debris but has not created an emergency, please be patient. We will get to your property as quickly as we can. When the storm has passed, and we are able to reach your property we will follow our weekly mowing schedule.
  • Clean ups, limb and tree removal will be invoiced at $49 per man hour + disposal. After hours rates (after 5pm or before 7 am) will be $75 per man hour + disposal (after hour work and rates will only be applied at the customer’s request).

With the storm approaching we hope that you have prepared a “hurricane kit.” If you are unsure what that entails please research it on the web and make sure that you have what you need to weather the storm. If Irma heads our way, we hope that all of our customers and neighbors remain safe and well.